New Academia Academic Books

REAL AND PHANTOM PAINS: An Anthology of New Russian Drama
John Freedman, ed.

The plays selected for this anthology reflect the issues and styles typical of the new wave of dramatic writing in Russia.

ARTISTS with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Art, Second Edition
Edited by James Elkins

This book is the second, extended edition of the first of its kind. It is a resource to help people artists, teachers, administrators, and students assess and compare programs for a new PhD in Studio Art.

Jasna Koteska

This book analyzes the nature of the police states in Eastern Europe (especially, in ex-Yugoslavia) during the communist era.

CINEMA UNCHAINED: The Films of Quentin Tarantino
Simona Brancati
Translator Louise Hipwell

This book explores the intriguing cinematic world of Quentin Tarantino.

CODED LETTERS, CONCEALED LOVE: The Larger Lives of Harriett Freeman and Edward Everett Hale
Sara Day
This is the chronicle of the secret romance between Hale and Freeman revealed for the first time through 3,000 of their love letters (1884–1909), written partly in code.
SIAMO QUEL CHE MANGIAMO? Sostenibilità e arte
Antonio d’Avossa, ed.

This is the catalogue of an art exhibit organized jointly by the Brera Academy in Milan, Italy, and the Corcoran Museum in Washington, DC, to show the connection between art and food. Opening: December 11, 2013

EXITS AND ENTRANCES: Interviews with Seven Who Reshaped African-American Images in Movies
Frank Manchel

This is a sequel to Every Step a Struggle, and portrays the far-reaching turnaround in the representation of blacks on the stage and screen from the post-World War II era to the early 1970s.



THE STATE DEPARTMENT BOYS: Philippine Diplomacy and Its American Heritage
Marciano R. de Borja

The book relates the untold story of the efforts of the U.S. Department of State to train the first Filipino career diplomats before and after Philippine independence in July 1946.

POT SHARDS: Fragments of a Life Lived in CIA, the White House, and the Two Koreas
Donald P. Gregg

A memoir, based on the author’s memorable experiences as a CIA’s agent on the island of Saipan, in Japan, in Burma, in the Vietnam War,in Korea,  and ten years in the White House, working for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H. Bush.

THE SMALL FARMER CAN: Buyer-Led Approach Rescues Rural Bolivian Families from Poverty
Preston S. Pattie

Rather than focusing on project assistance, this book emphasizes the success of rural Bolivian families to carry out their own productive business activities.

Richard B. Parker

Parker’s experiences in the Foreign Service shed light on many aspects of U.S. diplomacy in the Near East, an area of continuing interest and concern today.

RADIO FREE EUROPE: An Insider's View
J. F. Brown

This is the story of the critical role played by Radio Free Europe during the Cold War, as recounted by veteran RFE official J. F. Brown, who served as director from 1978 to 1983.

FILM CRITIC TALKS: Interviews with StanleyKauffmann, 1972-2012
Bert Cardullo

This collection of interviews provides a virtual history of the journalistic practice of criticism in contemporary America. Susan Sontag proclaimed Stanley Kauffmann “one of our national treasures.”



Charles DeSantis

The purpose of this book is to help both the parent and child transition into kindergarten and also show the differences in people. It is a learning tool and a story that is meant to be used in learning the basics of alpha/numeric.

Julieta Almeida Rodrigues
Written from a sociological perspective, these stories illuminate a wide range of topics in contemporary Portugal.
Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye
A historical novel based on the life of Johannes Rebmann, 1820-76, describing his missionary travels to East Africa.
WORD: Short Stories
Fuat M. Andic

The book includes seventeen short stories related to ordinary people faced with an extraordinary situation.

by Helena Janeczek, tr. Frederika Randall

This novel hinges on the battle of Monte Cassino, Italy, in World War II, covering the international contingents and their contribution to that victory.

MAKE MARZIPAN, NOT WAR: Crazy rhymes for crazy times
Sabrina P. Ramet

Think of this as a course catalogue, with courses arranged into departments. As the great French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes once noted, if you really want to live, first think about it.